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10.39 - Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes: - manufacture of food consisting chiefly of fruit or vegetables, except ready-made dishes in frozen or canned form - preserving of fruit, nuts or vegetables: freezing, drying, immersing in oil or in vinegar, canning etc. - manufacture of fruit or vegetable food products - manufacture of jams, marmalades and table jellies - roasting of nuts - manufacture of nut foods and pastes This class also includes: - manufacture of perishable prepared foods of fruit and vegetables, such as: • salads; mixed salads, packaged • peeled or cut vegetables • tofu (bean curd) This class excludes: - manufacture of fruit or vegetable juices, see 10.32 - manufacture of flour or meal of dried leguminous vegetables, see 10.61 - preservation of fruit and nuts in sugar, see 10.82 - manufacture of prepared vegetable dishes, see 10.85 - manufacture of artificial concentrates, see 10.89