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18.13 - Pre-press and pre-media services

Official Industry Description: Pre-press and pre-media services

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes: - composing, typesetting, phototypesetting, pre-press data input including scanning and optical character recognition, electronic make-up - preparation of data files for multi-media (printing on paper, CD-ROM, Internet) applications - plate-making services including image setting and plate setting (for the printing processes letterpress and offset) - cylinder preparation: engraving or etching of cylinders for gravure printing - plate processing: "computer to plate" CTP (also photopolymer plates) - preparation of plates and dies for relief stamping or printing - preparation of: • artistic works of technical character, such as preparation of lithographic stones and wood blocks • presentation media, e.g. overhead foils and other forms of presentation • sketches, layouts, dummies, etc. • production of proofs This class excludes: - specialised design activities, see 74.10