FERI Economics Portal

Search Tips

There are several Ways to perform a Search on the FERI Databases.

1. Enter any Search Term in the Search Box and then press the Button with the Magnifying Glass Icon or simply the Enter Key.
2. Use the Possibility to search in predefined Lists. For this kind of Search press the Button with the List Icon in the Search Bar.

Furthermore, various Filter Options are available for the Search when you press the Button with the Filter Icon.

1. Data Horizon: Here you can decide if you want to search for historical and Forecast Data or restrict yourself to one of both.
2. Data Area: Here you can select the Data Area (All Data, Macroeconomic Data, Sectoral Data Germany, Sectoral Data International).
3. Frequency: Here you can specify teh desired Frequency of the Time Series to be searched.
4. Search Language: Here you can decide which Search Language is used for the Search (System Language, English and/or German).