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17.12 - Manufacture of paper and paperboard

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes: - manufacture of paper and paperboard intended for further industrial processing This class also includes: - further processing of paper and paperboard: • coating, covering and impregnation of paper and paperboard • manufacture of crêped or crinkled paper • manufacture of laminates and foils, if laminated with paper or paperboard - manufacture of handmade paper - manufacture of newsprint and other printing or writing paper - manufacture of cellulose wadding and webs of cellulose fibres - manufacture of carbon paper or stencil paper in rolls or large sheets This class excludes: - manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard, see 17.21 - manufacture of further-processed articles of paper, paperboard or pulp, see 17.22, 17.23, 17.24, 17.29 - manufacture of coated or impregnated paper, where the coating or impregnant is the main ingredient, see class in which the manufacture of the coating or impregnant is classified - manufacture of abrasive paper, see 23.91