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26.52 - Manufacture of watches and clocks

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes the manufacture of watches, clocks and timing mechanisms and parts thereof. This class includes: - manufacture of watches and clocks of all kinds, including instrument panel clocks - manufacture of watch and clock cases, including cases of precious metals - manufacture of time-recording equipment and equipment for measuring, recording and otherwise displaying intervals of time with a watch or clock movement or with synchronous motor, such as: • parking meters • time clocks • time/date stamps • process timers - manufacture of time switches and other releases with a watch or clock movement or with synchronous motor: • time locks - manufacture of components for clocks and watches: • movements of all kinds for watches and clocks • springs, jewels, dials, hands, plates, bridges and other parts • watch and clock cases and housings of all materials This class excludes: - manufacture of non-metal watch bands (textile, leather, plastic), see 15.12 - manufacture of watch bands of precious metal, see 32.12 - manufacture of watch bands of non-precious metal, see 32.13