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31 - Manufacture of furniture

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This division includes the manufacture of furniture and related products of any material except stone, concrete and ceramic. The processes used in the manufacture of furniture are standard methods of forming materials and assembling components, including cutting, moulding and laminating. The design of the article, for both aesthetic and functional qualities, is an important aspect of the production process. Some of the processes used in furniture manufacturing are similar to processes that are used in other segments of manufacturing. For example, cutting and assembly occurs in the production of wood trusses that are classified in division 16 (Manufacture of wood and wood products). However, the multiple processes distinguish wood furniture manufacturing from wood product manufacturing. Similarly, metal furniture manufacturing uses techniques that are also employed in the manufacture of roll-formed products classified in division 25 (Manufacture of fabricated metal products). The moulding process for plastics furniture is similar to the moulding of other plastics products. However, the manufacture of plastics furniture tends to be a specialised activity.