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31.01 - Manufacture of office and shop furniture

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes the manufacture of furniture of any kind, any material (except stone, concrete or ceramic) for any place and various purposes. This class includes: - manufacture of chairs and seats for offices, workrooms, hotels, restaurants and public premises - manufacture of chairs and seats for theatres, cinemas and the like - manufacture of special furniture for shops: counters, display cases, shelves etc. - manufacture of office furniture - manufacture of laboratory benches, stools, and other laboratory seating, laboratory furniture (e.g. cabinets and tables) - manufacture of furniture for churches, schools, restaurants This class also includes: - decorative restaurant carts, such as a desert cart, food wagons This class excludes: - blackboards, see 28.23 - manufacture of car seats, see 29.32 - manufacture of railway car seats, see 30.20 - manufacture of aircraft seats, see 30.30 - manufacture of medical, surgical, dental or veterinary furniture, see 32.50 - modular furniture attachment and installation, partition installation, laboratory equipment furniture installation, see 43.32