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16.29 - Other products of wood, articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials

Official Industry Description: Manufacture of other products of wood; manufacture of articles of cork, straw and plaiting materials

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes: - manufacture of various wood products: • wooden handles and bodies for tools, brooms, brushes • wooden boot or shoe lasts and trees, clothes hangers • household utensils and kitchenware of wood • wooden statuettes and ornaments, wood marquetry, inlaid wood • wooden cases for jewellery, cutlery and similar articles • wooden spools, cops, bobbins, sewing thread reels and similar articles of turned wood • other articles of wood - natural cork processing, manufacture of agglomerated cork - manufacture of articles of natural or agglomerated cork, including floor coverings - manufacture of plaits and products of plaiting materials: mats, matting, screens, cases etc. - manufacture of basket-ware and wickerwork - manufacture of fire logs and pellets for energy, made of pressed wood or substitute materials like coffee or soybean grounds - manufacture of wooden mirror and picture frames - manufacture of frames for artists' canvases - manufacture of wooden shoe parts (e.g. heels and lasts) - manufacture of handles for umbrellas, canes and similar - manufacture of blocks for the manufacture of smoking pipes This class excludes: - manufacture of mats or matting of textile materials, see 13.92 - manufacture of luggage, see 15.12 - manufacture of wooden footwear, see 15.20 - manufacture of matches, see 20.51 - manufacture of clock cases, see 26.52 - manufacture of wooden spools and bobbins that are part of textile machinery, see 28.94 - manufacture of furniture, see 31.0 - manufacture of wooden toys, see 32.40 - manufacture of brushes and brooms, see 32.91 - manufacture of coffins, see 32.99 - manufacture of cork life preservers, see 32.99