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17 - Manufacture of paper and paper products

Super Industries



Includes and excludes
This division includes the manufacture of pulp, paper and converted paper products. The manufacture of these products is grouped together because they constitute a series of vertically connected processes. More than one activity is often carried out in a single unit. There are essentially three activities: The manufacture of pulp involves separating the cellulose fibres from other matter in wood, or dissolving and de-inking of used paper, and mixing in small amounts of reagents to reinforce the binding of the fibres. The manufacture of paper involves releasing pulp onto a moving wire mesh so as to form a continuous sheet. Converted paper products are made from paper and other materials by various techniques. The paper articles may be printed (e.g. wallpaper, gift wrap etc.), as long as the printing of information is not the main purpose. The production of pulp, paper and paperboard in bulk is included in group 17.1, while the remaining classes include the production of further-processed paper and paper products.