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22.29 - Manufacture of other plastic products

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes: - manufacture of plastic tableware, kitchenware and toilet articles - manufacture of diverse plastic products: • plastic headgear, insulating fittings, parts of lighting fittings, office or school supplies, articles of apparel (if only sealed together, not sewn), fittings for furniture, statuettes, transmission and conveyer belts, self-adhesive tapes of plastic, plastic shoe lasts, plastic cigar and cigarette holders, combs, plastics hair curlers, plastics novelties, etc. This class excludes: - manufacture of plastic luggage, see 15.12 - manufacture of plastic footwear, see 15.20 - manufacture of plastic furniture, see 31.01, 31.02, 31.09 - manufacture of mattresses of uncovered cellular plastic, see 31.03 - manufacture of plastic sports requisites, see 32.30 - manufacture of plastic games and toys, see 32.40 - manufacture of plastic medical and dental appliances, see 32.50 - manufacture of plastic ophthalmic goods, see 32.50 - manufacture of plastics hard hats and other personal safety equipment of plastics, see 32.99