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28.93 - Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing

Super Industries


Includes and excludes
This class includes: - manufacture of agricultural dryers - manufacture of machinery for the dairy industry: • cream separators • milk processing machinery (e.g. homogenisers) • milk converting machinery (e.g. butter chums, butter workers and moulding machines) • cheese-making machines (e.g. homogenisers, moulders, presses) etc. - manufacture of machinery for the grain milling industry: • machinery to clean, sort or grade seeds, grain or dried leguminous vegetables (winnowers, sieving belts, separators, grain brushing machines etc.) • machinery to produce flour and meal etc. (grinding mills, feeders, sifters, bran cleaners, blenders, rice hullers, pea splitters) - manufacture of presses, crushers etc. used to make wine, cider, fruit juices etc. - manufacture of machinery for the bakery industry or for making macaroni, spaghetti or similar products: • bakery ovens, dough mixers, dough-dividers, moulders, slicers, cake depositing machines etc. - manufacture of machines and equipment to process diverse foods: • machinery to make confectionery, cocoa or chocolate; to manufacture sugar; for breweries; to process meat or poultry, to prepare fruit, nuts or vegetables; to prepare fish, shellfish or other seafood • machinery for filtering and purifying • other machinery for the industrial preparation or manufacture of food or drink - manufacture of machinery for the extraction or preparation of animal or vegetable fats or oils - manufacture of machinery for the preparation of tobacco and for the making of cigarettes or cigars, or for pipe or chewing tobacco or snuff - manufacture of machinery for the preparation of food in hotels and restaurants This class excludes: - manufacture of food and milk irradiation equipment, see 26.60 - manufacture of packing, wrapping and weighing machinery, see 28.29 - manufacture of cleaning, sorting or grading machinery for eggs, fruit or other crops (except seeds, grains and dried leguminous vegetables), see 28.30